About Us

Our Story

Cirumi is a Toronto based brand founded by Syona Abdeen. Upon graduating from the Ryerson School of Fashion in 2019 and venturing into the workforce, she noticed a market gap for fashionable, comfortable, and work appropriate clothing.

After the COVID-19 pandemic shifted the way we work and live, this gap widened. The stiff, rigid fabrics of traditional office wear became a thing of the past. Yet research has shown that getting dressed in the morning increases your work productivity, even from home.  There was still a need for clothing that looked professional, yet prioritized comfort and flexibility. Thus, Cirumi was born. We combine loungewear feel with professional aesthetics. 

We want you to look and feel your best. Whether you're at home, work, or anywhere in between.  

Made in Canada

At Cirumi, we believe in shopping local. That's why we are made in Toronto, always.

We partner with the George Brown Fashion Exchange to bring our products to life and ensure fair working conditions for anyone who works on a  Cirumi garment. 

All material components we use have been sourced from local businesses. Every dollar spent at Cirumi helps to support the Canadian economy and keep small businesses thriving.